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Who helps you when you have questions about your faith… when that little voice in your head says “Is this all there is?”…or when you experience that visceral feeling that you should be “doing something else”? Many call upon a woman who’s made peace with where she’s been and is excited about the journey ahead. Linda Douty doesn’t have all the answers, but she can help guide you on your own path to growth. Trained in philosophy, comparative religion, and music, she has completed the Academy for Spiritual Formation (serving in a leadership capacity) and the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Guidance. Traveling around the United States, she juggles her time as a retreat leader, teacher, book reviewer, spiritual director, and writer with another favorite vocation—her role as “Lindy” to her five grandchildren. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee and writes for several publications.

Header photo “Sunrise over Jervis Bay” from Chris Betcher, adapted under a Creative Commons license.


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